In the Age of an Audience That Gives a Damn, Tell Your Story with the Write Vibes

Someone that I hadn’t know for very long once told me that the reason we were so in tune with each other was because we were vibrating on the same frequency. It made such stupid sense that I began to apply this concept to my work. I thought to myself, if you only have one shot at a first impression, your content better communicate a lot more than information. Not long after is when I came up with “write vibes”, positive intentions that are effectively transmitted to one’s audience through the written word.

If you only have one shot at a first impression, your content better communicate a lot more than information.

Collecting names for a survivor database after super-typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013.

In my experience however, a lifelong positive impact has remained. After nearly a decade of travelling and absorbing good vibrations from people all around the world, I became a more socially conscious global citizen. Through hearing so many people’s stories, and witnessing firsthand what it means to be a victim of extreme poverty, I felt not only empowered, but responsible to try and do better for the world.

Increasingly, many businesses, for profit and not, have emerged with a mission to do just that. Social enterprises and entrepreneurs in the retail, travel and wellness space are designing game changing business models with people and the planet in mind. Even prominent executives, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, are calling on a shift in corporate governance that articulates a social purpose.  And so, with this movement, more is now at stake to write a meaningful narrative that connects business to consumer; driving the need to rethink behaviour, and change harmful patterns.

By spreading the message of the “write vibes”, I hope that more businesses will see their full potential to create a lasting impact by vibing with their audience. It may sound like a concept taken from the Urban Dictionary, but it would be a mistake to underestimate the value of meaningful content. First impressions are momentary, but an audience that is locked in to your message can be your company’s greatest asset and lifelong advocate.direction clean#thewritevibes





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