Soundtrack of Our Lives

A shared commonplace I have found with many people in my life is the mutual realization of the power music has to move us  in some way or another. Whether you are a creative person or not, whether you’re the one holding the guitar or making every limb dance to a great tune, music has reached some very deep, dark and personal places at some point in our lives. Music is the universal language that everyone speaks.

Let’s fast forward from a time when I first learned I could bring music along with me, from my very first walkman to my monthly subscription to Spotify.  Though my relationship with music has evolved over the last two decades, it has steadily been a committed one. I honestly can’t remember a time when music wasn’t part of my day, every day.

I’m sure I am not the only person who feels like there must be some cosmic explanation to the way in which the exact song you need to hear happens to be the one that comes on the radio while you’re unassumingly stuck in traffic, or trying on some clothes in a fitting room. It could be a message for you hidden in the lyrics, or a melody that hits your vibe in that precise moment,  but when that moment strikes, isn’t it just perfection?

It almost feels as though I fit into something greater. Somehow, the universe just drops the beat you need, falling into place exactly when it should, to serve as a kind of unspoken answer to our questions. Everyone has questions and hardships to overcome, but it’s music that connects us to that thing that makes us human.

Music is essentially saying:

“Hey you. Yes, you! Don’t worry beautiful human. We see you. No, you’re not alone. To prove it, here’s a song just for you. “

I tend to really open up to those I feel a spiritual connection with, and in the same way, these people have opened up to me. From these connections, a shared appreciation for music was revealed. I learned about how my friend Jordan used song writing as an escape while he was overseas serving his fourth tour in the Middle East, and how my friend Lara credits James Bay for helping her get through treatment for her struggle with addiction.

I think it’s important to share these stories because not only can we all stand to learn from each other, but I truly believe that leveraging this universal language of music can inspire empathy, patience and compassion. You know, all the things that make us feel human.

~Kareen Awadalla

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