Out of the tunnel

I made the risky choice to be a writer. Over the years my career path has taken several turns, but writing only just recently reintroduced itself into my life four years after graduating with a Journalism Degree. I spent a good chunk of time taking any internship I could get for little to no pay, only to physically occupy space in an office or newsroom. Some days I was tasked with the gruntiest of grunt work, other days I merely sat at an empty desk just waiting to be given any assignment. It was anything but stimulating. But I just thought to myself, this is the price I have to pay to get ahead. “No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it”. And “when you want something, you have to be willing to pay your dues”. Well these are the kinds of motivational speeches I was pitched anyways. I never did get that job with the National Geographic…

As a millennial, I have a big problem with undervaluing myself and other people undervaluing me. And not because I’m entitled. But because I know I am worth more. I not only paid my dues, but I proved myself worthy time and time again going above my pay grade for the benefit of others. Believe me, I get it. Sometimes tough love does inspire motivation. And maybe our generation does need to be motivated. But not with skepticism, or mistrust. And certainly not through a primitive criticism from our older counterparts. Hell, even Martha Stewart thinks we lack initiative.

The truth is, it’s not up to others whether or not we succeed anymore. This is an archaic reality. Millennials don’t define success in the traditional sense, of scaling the corporate ladder, but rather as becoming an instrument of something greater. And maybe it is because we were born into the “internet world” as they call it. And now we have more access and tools at our fingertips that never existed before, helping us to serve a greater purpose by creating ripples that inspire impact. All I know is we will not find inspiration while others wait for us to fail. I gave up on my search for the light at the end of the tunnel when I decided to step out of the tunnel that was shown to me. Instead I am carving out my own sunlit path.

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